A Tribute to Nurses: May 6 – 12 is National Nurse’s Week

Not long ago, we celebrated Doctor’s Day.  We are now in the midst of celebrating National Nurse’s Week.  Why do we celebrate Nurse’s Week?  Over a period of over 20 years several attempts were made to establish a Nurse’s Day.  Finally, in 1974, President Nixon issued a proclamation with a week designated as National Nurse Week.  We now celebrate this week ending on May 12th, which is the birthday of Florence Nightingale.  She was the founder of modern nursing. 

Nurses have a great variety of work experience.  Some are educators, some are Nurse Practioners, some are Research Nurses, while many prefer the one-on-one contact of being a Staff Nurse.  They work grueling hours, weekends, and holidays.  They work during Family Reunions and on family members birthdays.

Few give more physically and emotionally on the job than Nurses.  They are there with our loved ones (and sometimes with us) when we go through some of our biggest challenges in our lives.  They comfort us.  They comfort our loved ones.  They do disgusting tasks most people would scoff at.  Their duties have expanded to include large amounts of paperwork or computer record-keeping.  They monitor medications and often play go-between with the Doctors.  Some of them have to learn how to operate and interpret readings from high-tech equipment.  

Some Nurses work long shifts.  Some work double shifts when their co-workers call in sick.  Their work is high stress, and yet they love it.  Why?  Because they care.  They care that your loved one has quality care.  They care that they can get along with many different personalities and calm emotionally distressed patients and their families.   They are compassionate and committed. 

If they see something that appears questionable or erroneous on the Doctor’s orders, they may further investigate that information to ensure a patient’s safety.  They are looking out for your loved one with cancer and pleading their case to the Doctor more times you will ever know. 

Nurses have a compassion that knows no bounds.  Some of them may even give us the impression their job is easy because they care so naturally and so deeply.  They bond with patients and think of them when they are off-duty.  They care for the patients families.  Their kindness and compassion make this world a better place. 

Our congratulations to all Nurses across the globe.  Thank you for ALL you do for us and for our loved ones!  We truly appreciate you and your service to others. 

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