Susan Brownell is the founder of the Sanctucare™ Company. Sanctucare™’s website, Sanctuary for Cancer Caregivers, is the result of Sue’s passion to help the loved ones of cancer patients during their extraordinary journey as a compassionate caregiver.

Sue’s life has been touched many times by cancer. Several members of her family endured the grueling effects of cancer and it’s treatment. She has had first-hand experience as a Cancer Caregiver. Over a consecutive eight-year period, she helped care for her Mother, Father, Step-Mother and Step-Father as they fought their battles with cancer. She also has known countless others as friends and family members dealing with this devastating disease. Before and after the intensive eight-year period, Sue’s Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law, Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, several Uncles and friends have all fought Cancer.

After Sue’s Mother lost her battle with cancer, Sue realized she needed to do something to help the often over-looked caregiver. These caregivers bear a heavy burden. While trying to keep life “normal” for the rest of the family and while being there for their cancer patient, they often lose themselves in the process. Sue felt and saw the pain in the rest of the family. She saw that often others were forgotten caregivers. They silently suffered and took care of everyone except themselves. She also noticed that many lay caregivers didn’t have the information they needed to help them cope and understand what was happening to the patient. Sue’s passion is to uplift and care for those quiet heroes, one virtual hug at a time.

Sue is an award-winning instructor. She has 16 years experience providing Face-to-Face, telephonic Distance Learning, and web-based training. She has extensive experience writing training materials for adult learners. Sue wrote an E-booktitled, “51 Secrets Every Cancer Caregiver Needs to Know!” She also has written several articles on being a Cancer Caregiver.

Sue is also the designer and writerfor this website. The sitewon two Awards of Excellence in July 2009, duringits first year of existence.

Legal Disclaimer: Information on this website is not intended to replace the medical advice of your physician or your loved one's physician. Sanctucare™ is not responsible for the medical condition of it's users or those they care for.

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