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Announcing Our 2nd Book in the “Cocoon of Love” Series!

It’s a beautiful and encouraging read for anyone who is a caregiver.

Title: Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers

Subtitle:  Get Through the Tough Times, Surround Your Loved One and Yourself with Love When You Need It Most

Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers

2nd in the Cocoon of Love Series

With the aging population, there are more and more cancer caregivers.  Although there are many books on the market to help caregivers, this one is not your usual caregiver book.  It digs into what is at the heart of all caregiving: love and compassion.  Filled with touching examples and practical advice, this book will encourage and inspire Cancer Caregivers to take better care of themselves so that they can also take better care of their loved one.  It will show them how to do it all with love.

Here’s an excerpt from the back cover:

At Last–Care for the Caregiver!

Soon after you begin caring for your loved one with Cancer, you realize what an overwhelming commitment you have made.  As you search for answers and understanding, you may feel alone and in need of someone to help you along.  It seems others don’t really understand what you are dealing with.  You may even feel like it’s all too much to bear.  You have a lot of questions.  “Cocoon of LoveTM for Cancer Caregivers” will take you on the caregiver journey with compassion and practical tips to help both you and your loved one through this difficult time.  It’s a beautiful read with a heart-warming message of love for the caregiver.

 Read on and discover —

  • How to care for yourself at this challenging time
  • How to make your loved one feel loved
  • Ways to bring comfort, compassion, and joy into your daily lives
  • What butterflies have to do with your loved one and you
  • How to face your fears head on
  • How to emerge from this experience a changed, but stronger person

…  After experiencing the struggles of care-giving first-hand for eight consecutive years, Susan developed a passion for helping caregivers deal with the physical and emotional toll care-giving takes.  Susan believes every caregiver could use a healthy dose of encouragement and inspiration to get them through the tough times…

Be watching for more updates on our special promotions of these two books in the “Cocoon of Love” series.

Get your copy of “Cocoon of Love for Cancer Caregivers” now on Amazon:

Announcing Our New Book for Caregivers!

We are pleased to announce our new book for Caregivers, “Cocoon of Love for Caregivers:  Surround Yourself With Love and Inspiration to Get Through the Tough Times.”  This book is the first in a series of inspirational books titled “Cocoon of Love”.

This inspirational book is designed to help and encourage busy caregivers at a challenging time in their lives.  It features short, uplifting readings to motivate and inspire the non-professional caregiver to loved ones who are ill or aging.  At some time in your life, you will probably have to be a caregiver to a loved one.  It is not an easy job. You can do it.  We can help!

Cocoon of Love for Caregivers

Cocoon of Love for Caregivers


Are you a caregiver?  Do you know someone who is?  What a perfect gift for the caregiver in your life!

We are in the process of scheduling some special events in conjunction the release of this book.  We will be having some tele-seminars and special promotions which you won’t want to miss!

Watch the website and blog for further details.

To get your copy of “Cocoon of Love for Caregivers” now on Amazon, go here:



Announcing the launch of “THE GRATITUDE BOOK PROJECT: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude”

The Gratitude Book Project:  Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude

New Release!

We are excited to announce the launch of a new book, we are a co-author for. The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude, is a collaborative book sold on and features a short reading for every day of the year.

Authors tell in 200 words or less what they are grateful for. Even when times are difficult, you might be amazed to discover how many things we really have to be thankful for. This book provides a wonderful start or end to each day with the daily inspirational readings. It also promotes a good feeling and causes self-reflection.

My essay this year speaks to the difference a family member’s illness can make in our life and the impact of having an attitude of gratitude during those challenging times.

I particularly love contributing to three worthy charities. The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude, donates proceeds to be split among these charitable organizations: FeedingAmerica, the ASPCA and Women for Women International.

Could you use a lift? This inspirational book is available here on Amazon.  I’m told there are copies in transit to Amazon at this time. Consider a gift to yourself and a loved one. For every “gift” you buy, you’ll be giving three more gifts—to the charities!

Tissues and Tears for Sandy Hook Elementary School

My Reaction to Friday’s Mass Murders

Over the years, complacency sets in. More things are tolerated and accepted. Too often people forget things don’t all have to be the way they are. Too often, if an unpleasant thing doesn’t directly impact us, we ignore it and forget about it.

This is a time to look at our society and ask what has changed for the worse and what we can do about it. It is a time to reflect. It is our moral obligation to do so.

It was Friday morning in a quiet Connecticut community. God took our nation’s pulse that day. He wanted to know just how complacent we are. He found the soft spot in our hearts as he felt our racing pulse.

I know not one of them, and yet I do. They are the child next door, the teacher down the street, the First Responder who helped us last year. They are the clergy who quietly bear more than we sometimes realize. I ponder this as I reach for another tissue.

It is not for us to wonder why…but we do. It is not for us to judge…but we can’t help ourselves.

It is for us to support the survivors, those grieving, and those who gave their life, their love, their spirit, and compassion on Friday. They, as we, will never be the same. Grown men, tough men, weep and lean on others. Clergy shed tears and embrace those of other faiths. Families struggle with how to help their children cope. Everywhere parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors and teachers hug their little ones as never before.

We can think of little else. Hearts ache as they feel torn open and gaping holes are left in a community and a nation. Those little ones left behind have lost their innocence in such a brutal way. Those who served the survivors now need ministering to themselves.

Countless prayers stream toward the heavens. And…at heaven’s gate, twenty little angels joyously reunite with the school personnel who safely escorted them to their new home. Rest in peace dear little ones. May we make this world a better place so this never has to happen again.

Copyright 2012

Remember Our Heroes

Heroes…they are all around us. We just don’t always recognize them. There are those heroes who we do recognize. They wear uniforms and must leave their families to serve. Some fight fires and some tangle with criminals. On any given day, none knows what their future may hold.

Then there are the heroes we may not always think of immediately when we hear that word. But…when we think of many people in our lives, we soon recognize there’s an abundance of special and heroic people we truly admire. They present mankind at his best. They lift us up and inspire us as few can.

I have the priviledge of being part of a special project honoring our heroes. Not long ago, I was asked to be a contributing author to a special book called, “THE GRATITUDE BOOK PROJECT: A CELEBRATION OF HEROES”. This inspiring e-book was written in remembrance of 9-11, but not necessary about 9-11 events. Get your free e-book now!

Gratitude Book Project Is a Big Hit on Amazon!

Gratitude Book
Best Gift This Christmas! Help four worthy charities.

We are celebrating! Last night the book we are a contributing author for reached # 1 Best SellerStatuson Amazon.comin the Health, Mind & Body –> Self-Help–>Success Category.

What does gratitude have to do with success? A lot! The other contributing authors and myself have learned much more about the impact of gratitude on one’s life.We have laughed together and wept together over our joys, triumphs, and sorrows. One thing is certain, there is a great impact on those who live gratitude-filled lives.

Participating in this book hascaused me to experienceeven more gratitude. I am grateful for:

  • the opportunity to share my experiences with others
  • the support of my followers on this website, Twitter, and Facebook
  • the positive impact of gratitude (even from negative situations!)
  • how gratitude brought together 300 people in a magnificent way
  • the ability to give book sale proceeds to these charities: ASPCA, Feeding America, WomenFor Women & Make-a-Wish

Would you like to know more or get a copy? I thought so! Here you go:

May you have a day filled with gratitude…let’s make that 365 days filled with gratitude!

Our Newsletter for Cancer Caregivers Finalist in Best of Web Contest

We Made It To The Finals!

Our Newsletter for Cancer Caregivers, “Solace and Sustenance for Cancer Caregivers” made it to the finals for the Best Senior Living Newsletters 2011 in the Best of Web Contest sponsored by It is an honor to be among the few to make it to the finals. We were competing with the likes of AARP. Thanks to for the recognition and thanks to all for your votes. Keep on reading!


Author & Ambassador BadgeAre you ready? It’s here! The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude.

I feel honored to be a part of this wonderful project. My fellow co-authors and I have been deeply touched by “The Gratitude Book Project”. And now it’s time to share with the world!

The book is now available on The majority of the proceeds will go toward four very worthwhile charities: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to annimals, (ASPCA); FeedingAmerica, Make a Wish Foundation, and Women for Women, International.

One thing I love about the holidays is the happy, upbeat spirit of people. It seems like people are more pleasant, appreciative, more kind, caring and compassionate this time of year. How often have you thought, “If only people were so positive the rest of the year!” Well, do I have a deal for you! How would you like to hang out with people like that 365 days of the year? Well, you can! I’m a contributing Author for and Ambassador of, The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude. I’m pleased to say that I am keeping company with a group of Co-Authors who help give us all much to think about & be grateful for.”

Go ahead, check it out here. Grab a few copies as Christmas Gifts while you are there. I can’t think of anything better to give a friend or family member than a healthy dose of Gratitude. Your loved one will be grateful. I will be grateful, and four worthy charities will be grateful. What better way could there be to spread that humble attitude of gratitude? You and your loved one are sure to be touched!

Don’t Be a Discouraged Caregiver to a Loved One With Cancer

It isn’t whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up. ~ Vince Lombardi

~ Susan Says:  When you have a rough day caring for your loved one with cancer, or think you maybe could have handled something differently, don’t be discouraged.  You are going through a new experience.  It isn’t always clear what to do.  Don’t be hard on yourself. 

No one is perfect.  Take a cleansing breath and move on and try again.  Your loved one will probably understand.  If he or she doesn’t seem to understand, simply explain how you feel and that this is new for you.  More than likely, your loved one will understand. 

The important thing, as Vince Lombardi said, is to get back up and move on.  You have bigger things to be concerned about, right?  If you are feeling bad, remember, you are learning from this experience.  And learning is a good thing!

Remembering a Cancer Victim’s Birthday and Memorial Day

Birthdays come and birthdays go, but when it’s your Mom’s birthday, you just have to pay tribute.  Today is my Mom’s birthday. 

The date of Mom’s Birthday is easy because it originally was on Memorial Day.  In 1971 the official designated date to celebrate Memorial Day was changed to the last Monday in May.  For the US, Memorial Day is a time to remember or “Memorialize” those who gave the ultimate sacrifice–their life–while protecting and preserving our country and the freedom we enjoy.  It is a debt Americans cannot repay to those we honor, but a respect that we humbly give to those who so generously gave their all. 

It seemed only fitting that my Mom’s Birthday was around Memorial Day.   Read More→