Caregiver’s Life Message in a Candy Wrapper

Many of us have been there.  Sometimes you just have a yearning for a little piece of chocolate.  Eating that little piece of chocolate isn’t just a matter of pleasing your taste buds.  There’s a known relationship between chocolate and endorphins.  Endorphins are used by your neurons to communicate with each other.  Eating chocolate can release this chemical, which in turn can affect how people feel.  It actually causes people to feel pleasure. 

It should have come as no surprise when I opened one of those little blue chocolate wrappers and found this message on the inside:  “Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances.”

Just as happiness is not just the joy you feel as your taste buds experience that piece of chocolate, it is also from the after effects.  There is also happiness coming from the endorphins that are released as a result of eating that chocolate.

In a similar way, caregivers sometimes carry a heavy burden and heavy heart.  Even so, they must let their happiness reside in their heart, even though the circumstances they find themselves may not be happy.  In other words, don’t be afraid to look happy, be happy, and yes, even feel happy.  Yes, you are sad at your loved one’s illness and the changes in both of your lives.  Those are just circumstances.  Don’t let the circumstances snuff out your typically happy self.  You need to maintain that happy mindset to get yourself through this and to help your loved one through this.  And, by all means, occasionally have a piece of chocolate!  You never know what life message you may receive.  As if we needed an excuse?

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