May Day Musings

Happy May Day! 

The first of May always makes me think of my Mother.  Every year on May Day, she would recall her childhood days.  On May Day, their neighborhood would leave May Baskets on doorsteps for each other, then ring the doorbell and hide.  It was a fond memory.  Although we never did May Baskets, I always looked forward to hearing her tell the story every spring. 

Although the celebration of May Day may have fallen by the wayside, there is much to celebrate as we enter the month of May.  We see the grass greening up nicely while tree buds swell and burst open with new leaves.  The newly opened leaves boast a color unique to this time of year.  They are a pretty yellow-green in hue.  As the leaves get larger, their color darkens to the deeper green foliage we are used to seeing most of the summer. 

Simultaneously, there is a dramatic increase in many other aspects of the great outdoors.  Many of the summer birds are starting to return.  The traffic at the bird feeders picks up significantly and the birds work tirelessly to build and repair nests in anticipation of their soon-to-be families.  Neighbors start to appear in their yards and talk over the fence.  Stores are busier as we shop for outdoor supplies.  Will we need a new lawnmower this year?  Do we need to replace any of our flower planters this summer?  Do the hoses have any leaks?  When is that fertilizer going to be on sale? 

Although spring is a very busy time of year, it is a welcome change from the long winter.  It is also a good opportunity to have some positive things to look forward to, to take our minds briefly away from everyday stressors.  As a caregiver to a loved one with cancer, you sometimes need a distraction.  As you are able to, go outside and do a little yard work.  Take a walk and take in the special beauty of this time of renewal for Mother Nature. 

Some of us have special little rituals we carry on each spring.  It may be a trip to the zoo, or a long drive to a special shop with garden goodies.  Whatever it may be, if you and your loved one are up to it, try to keep up as many traditions as you can.  There are things you and your loved one look forward to each year.  It’s important to have those things to look forward to, if possible. 

As Mother Nature renews the land, it is good for you and your loved one to be reminded that you, also, can be renewed.  You can be renewed by participating in Nature.  You can be renewed by what you choose to do with you time.  You can be renewed by your mindset.  What will you choose today?

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