February 1, 2010
Volume 1, Issue 3

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Sue's Snippets:

Greetings, caregivers! 

Feature Article:

Caring for a Loved One from a Distance.

Events & Updates: 

World Cancer Day on 4 Feb 2010

Special Event in honor of World Cancer Day  You don't want to miss this one! See details below.

Next newsletter: 

You'll hear part one from Ron, a Caregiver to his wife during her treatment for breast cancer. 

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We hope that you enjoy each issue that is packed with information to help those who care for Cancer Patients! For more helpful information, please visit our website at www.SanctuaryForCancerCaregivers.com. As you give care, we'll be there!  I have written this issue in advance of the date it will be automatically emailed to you by my mailing service.  I wanted to be sure that you receive it on February 4, 2010.  This day has been declared World Cancer Day.  We have two special offers for our subscribers in conjunction with World Cancer Day.  You can read more about it below.

Are you enjoying winter? Winter wonderland or winter doldrums? Winters can get long for anyone.  Cabin fever can set in and people are in need of getting out of the house.   After some time of being cooped up in the house, people need to have more contact with others. 

Even though we may enjoy the  beauty of a snowfall, or the frost-laden trees on a humid, freezing morning, winters can be a challenge.  This is a time to come up with some creative ideas and projects to help you and your loved one get through until the warm days of spring arrive. 

One good thing about this time of year is we can slow our pace and have some time to think and reassess our lives.

What can you and your loved one do to pass the winter days?  Do you ever have a beautiful morning after a soft, sparkling snowfall?  Do you ever wake to find beauty that takes your breath away as you look at the trees and bushes covered with a sparkling frost?  If you and your loved one are up to it, hop in the car and take a drive to enjoy the incredible beauty.  Take some pictures to capture the beauty and enjoy it later.  It will give your loved one something to talk about to others.  Need some indoor activites? Start a special project with a quilt, a memory book, or how about some wood carvings?  Get the idea? 

Wise Words for Caregivers: 

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."  ~ Helen Keller            

May you, as a cancer caregiver, help yourself and your loved one overcome!  We'll be there to help you! 

Caring From a Distance 

How do you make it work?  You have a job.  Your loved one lives three hours away and is struggling with cancer.  There's no one else nearby to help.  Such a dilema is faced more and more often.  Long Distance Caregiving can be a challenge.  It can be troublesome. 

As I helped care for my parents when they had cancer, I struggled to find ways to help them without wearing myself out, while still working full-time and caring for my family.  Here's some challenges that long distance caregivers face, as well as some solutions. 

Rather than reword the same information, I have a different way to share the information with you for this issue.  Since I have had three articles recently published on Ezine Articles about this topic, I am sending you the links to them.  Read my articles to look for tips and tricks that will help make your long distance caregiving life easier.  After reading any article, if you would like, you can click on the Comments link near the top of the page, and leave your comments.

Susan Brownell, EzineArticles.com Basic Author

Long Distance Cancer Caregivers Face Many Challenges

Long Distance Cancer Caregivers Success Secrets

Cancer Caregivers From a Distance - 5 Proactive Tips


If you are a long distance cancer caregiver, be sure to plan ahead if you possibly can.  It will really make life easier. 

In our next issue of “Solace and Sustenance for Cancer Caregivers,” we’ll learn about the role a husband played when dealing with his wife's cancer and treatment. 

Did you know that it is World Cancer Day on 4 February 2010? That's right!  Did you know that cancer is the leading cause of death world-wide?  The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that 84 million people will die of cancer between 2005 and 2015 without intervention.  The International Union Against Cancer promotes World Cancer Day on 4 February every year.  The goal?  Prevent cancer and improve quality of life for cancer patients.  You know what cancer has done to your loved one and your family.  That provides great motivation to take care of yourself.  Please consider these much-needed habits for your own well-being. The theme for 2010 examines prevention of cancer in the following ways:

  • Do not use tobacco products
  • Practice a healthy diet and regular exercise habits
  • Avoid or limit alcohol
  • Protect yourself against cancer-causing infections

There's lots of buzz about this day of recognition.  Here's a helpful link with some great information for anyone concerned about cancer.

What are WE doing about it? 

In honor of World Cancer Day, we are offering a special sale on two of our products designed to help Cancer Caregivers cope.  

Check these out on our website, or click the links above for more information.  If you've been hesitating, now's the time to act!  These prices won't last long.  Sale ends on 6 February 2010.

Susan Brownell interviewed by Cure Magazine. 

The Founder of the SanctuaryForCancerCaregivers.com and the Sanctucare company was interviewed for "Cure" Magazine.  The interview was featured in an article about Cancer Caregivers and the new family dynamics involving the relationships of Step-parents and Step-children in the caregiving process.  The article appeared in the Winter Issue of Cure Magazine.  This article is currently available online for a limited time.  If you would like to read the article, you can find it here:  Uncertain Obligations.

We look forward to bringing you many methods of support and encouragement. 

We are getting some great teleseminars and webinars planned for you. Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know when we arrange these teleseminars. We are also arranging interviews with some interesting people with a wealth of resources. Be sure you read your email and visit our website. We don’t want you to miss any opportunities to help make your caregiver duties easier! 

If you know of someone in need of encouragement, please feel free to forward this ezine (electronic magazine) to them. We'd love to have them sign up to join our mailing list. Visit us at SanctuaryForCancerCaregivers.com.

Have a wonderful week and remember to visit our site often for encouragement, helpful tips, teleseminar events and much more coming your way!  Remember we are here for you!  Would you like a product or service you don't see?  Drop us a line at info@sanctuaryforcancercaregivers.com and let us know!

Yours, In Compassionate Care,

Come to the Sanctuary. Come...be embraced!

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