The Chapel

At the Sanctuary, the Chapel is always open! As a caregiver, you may find you need a source of help beyond that of human intervention. As a caregiver, you may already believe in a higher power and draw on that power to get you through and give you strength and encouragement. On the other hand, as a caregiver, you may have never known or felt a need to know about this source of comfort, until now. Either way, there is something for you in The Chapel.

Learn how faith has helped cancer patients and their caregivers endure the challenges they face.

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The Impact of Faith on Cancer Patients

A powerful interview with Pastor Steve Stern, a Chaplain of 23 years to Oncology patients. Find out what matters most, when the going gets tough. Find out what causes change in people. When it comes to faith and cancer patients, Pastor Stern has solid answers to tough questions.

Listen to Pastor Stern’s message.

Cast all your anxiety on him because HE CARES FOR YOU. Holy Bible, NIV, 1 Peter 5:7

The Caregiver’s Prayer:

Heavenly Father, I come to you as your humble servant. I come to you with a heart that carries many burdens. I ask that you would strengthen my loved one, _______, in his/her time of illness/treatment/recovery. I ask that you would comfort him/her. Please surround _____ with your love and compassion. Let ______ feel your mighty presence when times seem darkest.

I ask that you would guide the Doctors and Nurses, Aides and any others who help provide his/her care. Help them to use their medical skills and knowledge to provide the best care and treatment. Give them strength to face their challenging work with compassion and care. Bless these gifted caregivers as they care for one I love so dearly. Let them feel your presence when their burdens become heavy. Help us to remember them and express our appreciation for their work.

Please help ________’s family and friends to remember that he/she needs their help and prayers during this life-changing event. Keep them from pulling away because they feel uncomfortable. Give them the right words to say and the right deeds to do to help _______ during these difficult days.

Lastly, I ask you to help me. Help me, as I struggle to do what is right as I care for _______. Grant me patience, compassion and understanding. Help me to say and do things that are helpful and comforting for ______. Grant me peace to ease the turmoil I feel. As I struggle to complete all the tasks set before me, help me to find balance and harmony. Give me the energy to meet the demands placed on me. Give me the encouragement I need, when I need it. Though I long to not have to go through this experience, I know you have a reason. I ask that you use this experience to help me grow to be a better person. Most of all, I thank you for all that you have given me. I thank you for the love of family and friends. I thank you for the gift of health, which we so often take for granted. I thank you for putting _______ in my life. I thank you for the trust you have placed in me by making me a caregiver to _______.

In Jesus’ Name,

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