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Donna Nielsen, Sparta, WI, afterlistening to the teleseminar, “Insights from an Oncology Chaplain”:

“That was really an awesome, touching interview…Nobodyreally knows about caregiving unless you’ve been there. There were nights when I would have to sleep with my mother or hold her hand to keep her from feeling lonely or falling out of bed…and only to be scared to death myself. It was almost too much to bear. Thank you, you are a blessing to other caregivers.”

Debbie, Sparta, WI, after touring the virtual Sanctuary Rooms:

I want to go there.”

Chaplain Steve Stern, Oncology Chaplain, regarding the electronic book, “51 Secrets Every Cancer Caregiver Needs to Know”:

“This should be a good tool that I can use as I talk with caregivers.”

Donna, after viewing the site:“Thisinformation is really needed.”

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