Why a survey?

This survey is YOUR chance to be heard! Whether you are a Caregiver of a loved one with Cancer, a Cancer Patient, a Health Care Professional, or a Hospice Volunteer, we would like to hear from you. We have a separate survey for each category.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. We want you to know that through your participation and by sharing what you have experienced, you will be helping others. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help ease the pain a bit for other caregivers?

You may access the surveys one of two ways. To learn more abut why we wish to survey you, click on the applicable link from the Menu Bar above, then access the survey from that page. Or, you may simply click on the survey link below that applies to you and fill it out. On completion, you will be taken to a link to your FREE Thank You gift, “Creed for Cancer Caregivers.” This gift is in color and suitable for framing.

Proceed to survey for:

Caregivers (Non-Professionals)

Cancer Patients

Health Care Professionals

Hospice Volunteers

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