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National Stress Awareness Day

Thursday, April 16th is National Stress Awareness Day.  It’s a topic very fitting for caregivers.

There seems to be an epidemic.  People are stressed.  You can see it on their faces and hear it in their voices.  With all that is going on in the world, is it any wonder people are stressed?  Read More→

Caregiver’s Life Message in a Candy Wrapper

Many of us have been there.  Sometimes you just have a yearning for a little piece of chocolate.  Eating that little piece of chocolate isn’t just a matter of pleasing your taste buds.  There’s a known relationship between chocolate and endorphins.  Endorphins are used by your neurons to communicate with each other.  Eating chocolate can release this chemical, which in turn can affect how people feel.  It actually causes people to feel pleasure.  Read More→

Our Interview Has Been Rescheduled to Wednesday, 18 February!

For those who were trying to listen in to my interview this afternoon…you didn’t find it because they couldn’t reach me due to some problems with their phone lines today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully, you found something else of interest to listen to while you were waiting!

Meanwhile, WRNW1-Women’s Radio Network requested to reschedule me for tomorrow, Wed, 18 Feb at 2:24 PM CST.  I rescheduled another appointment I had for tomorrow so I could do this interview.  I’m hoping the -30 below zero wind chill that is forecast doesn’t freeze all communications on this end tomorrow!  :)

You can use the same link as before:

Again, my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Have a great night and try to stay warm!

Upcoming Interview on The Women’s Radio Network

We have a big day tomorrow!  The Women’s Radio Network (WRNW1) will be interviewing me about my work for Cancer Caregivers, which you see here on  Lisa Singer will be interviewing me live.

Care to join us?  It’s easy!  You can listen in on Tuesday,17 Feb 2015 at 3:00 PM CST.  Go to this link: , then click on the gray button that says, “CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE.”

Please share and spread the word so as many caregivers as possible can attend.  See you there!

Don’t Be a Discouraged Caregiver to a Loved One With Cancer

It isn’t whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up. ~ Vince Lombardi

~ Susan Says:  When you have a rough day caring for your loved one with cancer, or think you maybe could have handled something differently, don’t be discouraged.  You are going through a new experience.  It isn’t always clear what to do.  Don’t be hard on yourself. 

No one is perfect.  Take a cleansing breath and move on and try again.  Your loved one will probably understand.  If he or she doesn’t seem to understand, simply explain how you feel and that this is new for you.  More than likely, your loved one will understand. 

The important thing, as Vince Lombardi said, is to get back up and move on.  You have bigger things to be concerned about, right?  If you are feeling bad, remember, you are learning from this experience.  And learning is a good thing!

Remembering a Cancer Victim’s Birthday and Memorial Day

Birthdays come and birthdays go, but when it’s your Mom’s birthday, you just have to pay tribute.  Today is my Mom’s birthday. 

The date of Mom’s Birthday is easy because it originally was on Memorial Day.  In 1971 the official designated date to celebrate Memorial Day was changed to the last Monday in May.  For the US, Memorial Day is a time to remember or “Memorialize” those who gave the ultimate sacrifice–their life–while protecting and preserving our country and the freedom we enjoy.  It is a debt Americans cannot repay to those we honor, but a respect that we humbly give to those who so generously gave their all. 

It seemed only fitting that my Mom’s Birthday was around Memorial Day.   Read More→

April is Cancer Control Month–What are You Doing About It?

The National Cancer Society has named April as Cancer Control Month.  Heart disease is the only cause of death beating out cancer in the US.  There are so many kinds of cancer and so much to be known about for each one. 

If you are a caregiver to a loved one with cancer, you know how devastating this disease can be.  As you care for your loved one, you will want to remember to take care of yourself, as well.  This means eating right, exercising, getting enough rest and in general, trying to stay healthy.  It also means you should get your annual physical exam at the Doctor’s office.  In between those annual exams, you still will want to stay alert to any signals that your body may have something going on which needs investigating.   

Do you know the seven warning signs of cancer?  If you experience any of these, you should get checked out by your Doctor:

  1. Any unusual bleeding
  2. A lump or thickening in the breast or any place
  3. A sore that doesn’t seem to heal
  4. Changes in bowel or bladder habits
  5. Persistent cough or hoarseness
  6. Problems swallowing or chronic indigestion
  7. Change in size or color of a wart or mole

Don’t ignore any of the symptoms.  It may not be cancer, but you need to know for sure.  As a Cancer Caregiver, you must value your own health and not take it for granted.  You’ll be glad you did!

Inspiration for Caregivers

What’s the route to success when you are giving care to a loved one with cancer? 

“To succeed…you need to find something to hold onto, something to motivate you, something to inspire you. ” ~ Tony Dorsett

Susan’s Thoughts

Something to hold onto:  Hope!  Hope for better days ahead.  Hope for a closer relationship with your loved one.  Hope for relief for your loved one’s fears and anxieties about the cancer.  Hope for your loved one with cancer to have a good response to treatment.

Something to motivate you:  You will help set the tone for your loved one’s mindset.  You need to take care of yourself so you will be there to care for them.  You can’t control your loved one’s disease, but you can control your reaction to it.

Something to inspire you:  You are a special person!  You are giving a precious gift to your loved one with cancer.  You will become a better person for the experience.  You will grow in stature and in strength.  You do not have to be alone in this journey.  The Sanctuary For Cancer Caregivers cares for you and your loved one.  You really are a special person!

Doctor’s Day on 30 March

Did you know that 30 March is Doctor’s Day? It is only fitting that we have a day tohonor those who act as the primary physician for our loved one’s with cancer. Your loved one’s Doctor, the one who:

  • Answers all your loved one’s tough questions
  • Answers all your tough questions
  • Determines the course of treatment
  • Determines the prognosis
  • Heads up your loved one’s medical team
  • Takes the brunt of strong emotions from cancer patients and their families

So, what are we doing at the Sanctuary to celebrate and honor Doctors on their special day? We are running a sale from 30 Mar 2010 – 3 April 2010on the following:

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You’d better grab them quickly. They won’t last long at these prices. Get your copies now while yougive tribute to Doctors everywhere. Click either of the links above to learn more.

Meditation for Cancer Caregivers as a Coping – Tool & Stress-Reliever

Read More→